Peter’s card

Wanted to throw up a quick post about one of my recent cards! Here is the card I made for my boss Peter who is very into film/photography etc.  I really wanted to do somewhat of a theater type curtain for the front but couldn’t manage to get the valance part of the curtain to … Continue reading

Greyhound Social Justice

My dear friend and former roommate Jen called me and told me that she and her new husband, Ismael, who is a man from Niger, (I just learned how to differentiate a person from Nigeria and a person from Niger: Nigerian= from Nigeria, Nigerien=from Niger.) were buying a car in Portland. She told me that … Continue reading

Tami’s deluxe 45th

So I haven’t posted for a while but I wanted to put up a post about one of the things I’ve been busy on! My boss and good friend Tami turned 45 last monday and since I have set the bar VERY high in terms of cards that I give her, I had to up … Continue reading

30 before 30: #2. Meet a Portland Trailblazer

Two posts in one week is understandably a bit overwhelming for you my dear blog followers considering you are used to two posts bi-annually! However, I thought I would treat you to a double dose considering I luckily have the day off and am enjoying blogging in the sunshine. Aside from the glare, I think … Continue reading

Great Expectations

Once again I must begin my blog post with a giant : I AM SORRY THAT I HAVEN’T WRITTEN MUCH ON HERE LATELY!!! Well, I think I will make up for those 3 months right now with 1 MONSTER blog. So buckle up, use the restroom and get yourself a beverage because here we go!! … Continue reading