30 before 30: # 19 Take a Road trip with a friend….

I had to add an ellipsis to the end of this title because number nineteen on the 30 before 30 list’s title is actually:

#19. Go on a road trip (longer than 3 hours) with a friend for no other reason than they’re going and you can.Image

sI met Tiffani three years ago and she was one of those friends that immediately stuck. We instantly bonded over our hilarious and amazing fathers who have ruined us for other men, a love of live sports and music, a love of good food, and the sheer amazement at what would and could come out of the other’s mouth. She is, and will be, someone that I always hold dear not only because we have lived together but because she is an invaluable friend in terms of her honesty, integrity, deep love, compassion and her overall amazingness. I consider myself lucky to be in her life.

So, when Tiff said she needed someone to drive a U-haul with all her stuff down to Richmond and then back up to Auburn, California, number 19 was all but crossed off my list. Dear readers, I doubt you can deny the value of a person that you can literally spend HOURS in a car together and not feel like you want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon. So this number was almost too easy to accomplish. I plotted many weeks on playlists and agonized over which CD’s to bring because knowing our love of music, TIff splurged and got the truck with the CD player. So 7 am Saturday January 14th we rolled out with the last physical tie Tiffani had to Portland and set off for the land of the gold rush.


The Sunset from the truck headed south


Mt Shasta


Yep, definitely driving and taking a picture... this was after we started to lose it.

The goal in crossing off number #19 on my list was to spend some time in the passenger seat. I spend most of my life whether for work or personal reasons, driving from one place to the next crossing off my to do lists or catching up with friends. It is a rare privilege to turn over the keys to someone and let them be in charge of getting us safely to our destination. There is nothing quite like hours in the car watching the scenery fly by you to get your mind moving towards things you may or may not want to think about. So number 19 was all about sitting back and enjoying the ride.

No subject was left uncovered by the time we arrived in Auburn and I had a mild case of vertigo brewing but I’m glad I went and encourage you to find a way to get in the passenger seat for a long time soon.


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