30 before 30: #9 Learn how to Ski

Crossing of things on my 30 before 30 list has been a lot of fun lately! Today’s entry and Number 9 on my list was learn how to ski. I grew up in Northern Idaho so am used to snow but never made it up the mountain to learn to ski as a kid. A significant number of my family members love to ski and spend time on the mountain each winter so it seemed like it was weird that I never learned.
My good friend Ally who grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and spent winters in high school and college as a ski instructor, graciously offered to teach me to ski. This past weekend using my gift certificate from John and Barb, I went up to Mt. Hood Meadows and finally learned how to ski!



It was such a ball! I guess that the conditions were pretty good on Saturday so it made it that much more fun to have really good snow to learn on. I spent all day either “pizza” or “french fry”-ing! I didn’t venture off the buttercup hill but only fell down six times as I learned to shift my weight and carve turns in the hill! I’m so grateful for my friend Ally who spent time teaching me! Here’s a picture of us getting ready. Image

It felt funny to be on the hill with a bunch of kids learning to ski and snowboard but I wasn’t the only adult up there. I met another woman who was quite a bit older than me that said it took her almost her whole life to learn and she said it best when she said, “It doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters that you have the courage try something new and not be afraid to fail.” So even though I have lived 28 years before learning how to strap a pair of skis to my feet and feel the rush of slicing back and forth down a hill, I’m glad that I had the courage to try something new! 

Stay tuned for more 30 before 30 and here’s a little sneak at my progress on my scarf! Image


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