30 before 30: #17 Send a card for each family birthday

I used to love getting the mail around my birthday as a kid. I loved opening that box and pulling out envelopes with my name on them. My great-grandmother, Grammy Bula as she was known to my family, was the queen of sending cards and it was something I loved about her. She made it so that we were aware that she was thinking about us and to this day, it stands out in my childhood memories. So for my 30 before 30, I wanted to create a small amount of that foresight and consideration in my family as a way to preserve Grammy Bula’s memory and to give me a consistent creative outlet. I have found that carving out space for a creative outlet is imperative for my mental and emotional health. Here are a few of the birthday cards I’ve sent so far!

Darin's Birthday card exterior

Darin’s Birthday card exterior

Darin's birthday card interior

Darin’s birthday card interior

Grandma's exterior

Grandma’s exterior

Grandma's interior

Grandma’s interior

Auntie Shelly's exterior

Auntie Shelly’s exterior

Auntie Shelly's interior

Auntie Shelly’s interior

Jayelle's Exterior

Jayelle’s Exterior

Jayelle's interior

Jayelle’s interior

Ellie's exterior

Ellie’s exterior & envelope

Ellie's Interior

Ellie’s Interior