Tami’s deluxe 45th

So I haven’t posted for a while but I wanted to put up a post about one of the things I’ve been busy on! My boss and good friend Tami turned 45 last monday and since I have set the bar VERY high in terms of cards that I give her, I had to up the ante once again. This card is part inspiration from my pinterest page and part paper engineering which I think I might create a separate blog with my cards, you’ll have to let me know. Regardless, for my boss’ birthday I wanted to create something special so I created the following card.

ImageThis is the front exterior of the card and it measures about 8.5 inches square.ImageThis is the rear of the card and where you open it.
ImageWhat you see when you open the card.
ImageThe note on the card says “Before untying bow, prop up card with stand” which meant that the tan piece got propped up with a piece of matte board.
ImageThis is the engineering piece where you prop the card up with the two paper hinges I created.
ImageThe exclamation point is actually a pocket and that piece pulls out and has a brad that allows for the pieces to swivel for the sentiment in the card. Finally, here is the opened piece and the part I stole from pinterest.
ImageSo that’s the card I created! I hope you enjoy!


Things I love…

Today I am grateful.

Today I am grateful for my mom who’s amazing and my iphone 4 (which allowed me to see my mom’s face on mothers’ day for the first time in years.)

You can’t sit there reading this blog on your computer and not admit watching all those movies about the future in the 90’s with video chatting did not make you slightly jealous… RIGHT?¬†Say what you will about apple. You have to admit that this is pretty cool:

The future is now. I want to be face chatting you all the time. SO Happy Mothers’ Day mom! Glad we got some facetime in even though we are almost 500 miles apart!