Add another candle!

Yesterday was my boss’ daughter’s birthday. She is now 17. I met her when she was 14.5 and she is turning into an amazing human being. I am lucky to know her!

SO! Had to make a birthday card! I LOVE making birthday, christmas, wedding or gift cards! I LOVE MAKING CARDS! It is so cathartic to me and helps me utilize some of the creativity that doesn’t always get used at work. I also like to make cards that are fun to open and unfold and this one was no different. It took me a long time and I got stuck in the middle but it came out pretty good. I started with a 12×12 piece of paper and folded it in half twice into a 6×6 square and then made it so each portion opened into the next. I also utilized the cricut BIG TIME as you can see! Here is the cover:

The first set of two pages you open

This is the 12×12 all open

Message space opened up "Happy Birthday!"Here is the opened up spot where I wrote the message!

Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll make you a card someday!


Things I love…

Today I am grateful.

Today I am grateful for my mom who’s amazing and my iphone 4 (which allowed me to see my mom’s face on mothers’ day for the first time in years.)

You can’t sit there reading this blog on your computer and not admit watching all those movies about the future in the 90’s with video chatting did not make you slightly jealous… RIGHT? Say what you will about apple. You have to admit that this is pretty cool:

The future is now. I want to be face chatting you all the time. SO Happy Mothers’ Day mom! Glad we got some facetime in even though we are almost 500 miles apart!