Add another candle!

Yesterday was my boss’ daughter’s birthday. She is now 17. I met her when she was 14.5 and she is turning into an amazing human being. I am lucky to know her!

SO! Had to make a birthday card! I LOVE making birthday, christmas, wedding or gift cards! I LOVE MAKING CARDS! It is so cathartic to me and helps me utilize some of the creativity that doesn’t always get used at work. I also like to make cards that are fun to open and unfold and this one was no different. It took me a long time and I got stuck in the middle but it came out pretty good. I started with a 12×12 piece of paper and folded it in half twice into a 6×6 square and then made it so each portion opened into the next. I also utilized the cricut BIG TIME as you can see! Here is the cover:

The first set of two pages you open

This is the 12×12 all open

Message space opened up "Happy Birthday!"Here is the opened up spot where I wrote the message!

Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll make you a card someday!


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