Another day at the office

In my current position as a PA/Caregiver/gopher/if there’s a problem yo’ I”ll solve it, I have the lucky privilege of having a great relationship with my employers. They are wonderful people who I feel honored to work for. Part of why I appreciate them so much is that they don’t mind my often off the cuff and, dare I say it, unprofessional, remarks that come flying out of my mouth at the end of the day. The other night was no exception.
They have recently undertaken a rather extensive remodel they’ve been planning for years. This has involved meetings with the contractor and architect bi-weekly or monthly and so I’ve gotten to know the guys a bit over that time . It has often fallen on my duty list to play hostess until my boss arrives home from work or my other boss is healthy enough to join the meeting. The best part of these meetings is they have turned into quasi happy hours, as my boss and the contractor have taken to consuming several alcoholic beverages to stomach the high six figure price tag of this remodel. Last Thursday was no exception.
The contractor and architect were sitting around the table discussing their days with my boss, as I was pouring a modified Tom Collins of maker’s mark and lemonade for them. The contractor mentioned he had leaned back in his chair at work and taken a 15 minute power nap during the day. Not knowing what had come over me, I walked over with the drink in my hand and said, “Don’t tell my boss, but I take naps all the time at work.”
They looked at my boss and proceeded to burst out laughing as I smiled real big and walked out of the room. That is why they pay me the big bucks folks. It’s amazing I still have a job.


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