January twenty ten

I have a friend, initials Ashley Nicole Wright, who can’t STAND the phrase “twenty ten” that the news is using. I think I will use it all year. THIS IS THE YEAR TWENTY TEN!!! How did it get to be two thousand and ten!!?!?!? I sound old now when I talk about how everyone thought the world was going to end 10 years ago. I completely aged myself recently at work when I was talking with my boss, her 19 and 11 year old sons, about the movies “Rambo” “Missing in Action.” These and several other movies that I watched in my youth went right over the heads of my boss’ kids. I stood there remembering the days of playgrounds, bike rides and when the greatest thing I’d ever accomplished was making a half court shot. I know those of you who are older than me will say, “you’re young!  what are you talking about being old?”

I keep thinking of how time is passing quickly and other days so very slowly, and how did I get to be 26? There really are days where I really thought I’d have my poop more in a group at this age but then again, who says what I’m to do with my life but me? I’m excited about a lot of things happening this year including but not limited to: my best friend’s wedding. Here’s the future Nelsons:

The future Nelsons

My cousin’s wedding to his very cute fiance, Mariah.

The future Schmidts

I don’t have a picture of Chris Charles and his fiance but I’m hoping to go to his wedding in Missouri in August.  I’ve also got several races, trips in and out of the country and plenty of BLAZERS games to go to as well!

In addition to all that, I’m loving having fun with my roommates and the adventures we’ve had are a blast.

Team Thomp at Voodoo donuts

I’m still loving the Vegan eating and have gotten pretty good at cooking without dairy or meat. I’m loving my cookbook, The Vegan Table, that was a gift from the greatest person ever, Barb Marquez.


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