This fall I decided to change….

This fall I have apparently decided to change as dramatically as the colors on the leaves of the trees. It has been almost 2 years since I’ve moved anywhere and after the 4 years of moving 2-5 times a year [in and out of dorms and summer crash pads] I’m drastically out of practice. Some dear friends of mine asked if I was interested in moving into their little attic room and for a while I debated heavily about moving out. Mostly because, I LOVE LIVING WITH THE MARQUEZS! They are seriously one of the neatest families EVER and have welcomed me into their family over the years as one of their own. I attend birthdays, baby showers and I am Auntie “Shay-shell” to 22 months old, Jayelle, who I’m fairly certain, I’d take a bullet for.  They are my family. I will desperately miss their hospitality, graciousness and love as they have allowed me to move in and out over the years. I’m excited to re-visit our TV times as one of the first reasons why I started coming over 7 years ago, was to do laundry and share my love of the show Alias with Barb who never missed an episode either. It will now be, Top Chef, The Office, The mentalist and Project runway as our must sees so I may be over a lot.
Some of you may wonder why I decided to leave such a sweet situation. The reasons are not simple nor easy to explain. However, one of the primary reasons is that Portland is my home base and it has been since my parents left the country 6 years ago. However, I’ve never had my own place in Portland. I’ve only ever lived in the dorms or at the Marquez’s, It was my hope to move out of the Marquezs in January after I had started working full-time for Mercy Corps but then the news of being laid off put a dramatic hold on that plan. Since then I had been thinking about moving into a studio by myself. This August I had headed to look at one I thought would be awesome and was trying unsuccessfully to get the lock-box open when my friend Mari called. I had thrown my fleece out asking the Lord to make it clear to me if I was to move into this place and He did a 180, per usual, of my plans.  I prayed about it over the next month or so and got the green light. So yesterday I packed almost all my crap and started the move. It was down-pouring on and off and they always came at the most opportune, no UNFORTUNATE times, like when I went to Ikea and bought a wardrobe and had it hanging out the back-end of the truck when it started DOUSING the earth. C’est la vie.  So this week I’ll be settling into my new house, possibly painting and going through crap! If you’d like my new address it’s: 2231 NE 59th Portland OR 97213.

The other big change this fall is I’m experimenting with becoming a Vegan/vegetarian. For those of you nay-sayers, do a little reading on the vegan lifestyle. It is the most healthy and environmentally friendly way to eat and in the short time I’ve been doing it, I can’t tell you what a drastic difference it’s made in my overall health. At first it was sooo hard to give up dairy especially [no cheese!] but after eating right for a few days and then eating some cheese, I was doubled over in pain. I don’t know what they put in the stuff, actually I do, and it’s bad for you. It has made going out a little more difficult but overall, it’s not that bad. For me, the shift to this lifestyle was on account of not being able to control my eating habits and wanting to get healthy. If bad choices are not an option for me, I won’t eat that stuff.

Other news, I am still training for the Las Vegas marathon which is coming very quickly, December 6th. My good friend Angela got engaged this past weekend so I’ll be helping coordinate another wedding! So those are the big changes in my life! I hope you’re all doing well!


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