Adventures in mom-dom: “Is that the kid that thinks Fatson is a word?”

Tonight my boss returns. I’m totally torn about it. Part of me is ecstatic to have my nights back but the other part of me is totally bummed because we are really starting to have a lot of fun. We’ve been playing games every night we’re able to and laughing a lot.

One of the things that’s tearing me up lately is the word “fatson”. For the 11’s homework the other night he had to turn nouns into adjectives [ cheese is cheesy etc.] The assignment said to use his “invented” adjectives in a sentence. He did it and when I went to check it here are a few of the 5 he had on the page:
NOUN                ADJECTIVE
Rat                       Ratty [which he later admitted they did in class]
Pat                       Pattie
Fat                       Fatson

FATSON?!?!? WHAT THE HECK? I almost died. I said, please use in a sentence and he said, “fat people are fatson.” I fell over laughing. His sister and I had to convince him that his teacher did indeed, not want him to make up words, and  that submitting fatson might cause him to fail the assignment. All night and the next day, if anyone said the word fatson, I was doubled over howling with laughter. His sister the 15 even put it up as her Facebook status.

So last night we went to the 15’s cross country meet and after it was all said and done, one of her friends walked by, saw the 11 standing next to her and said, “Is that the kid that thinks fatson is word?” My laughter was echoing across the stadium and the 11 turned about 18 different shades of red. I almost died.

After the meet, we were driving to dinner and we drove past a Spaghetti Factory and the kids went nuts. I couldn’t believe that I was setting foot once again in a Spag Fact. 2.5 years ago when I left that wonderful dining establishment, I threw my entire uniform off the 205 bridge as I drove home; just to paint you a mental picture about how I felt working there. So we ate dinner together for our last night at the Spag Fact and as the 11 got up to go to the bathroom, he got caught up in his sister’s feet sliding out of the booth and launched across the floor. It was just not the 11’s day but he laughed it off and was a trooper but again, I was howling with laughter.

Another note about the Spag Fact, I was sitting there eating food I hadn’t eaten in 3 years, not able to believe I had broken my vow to never eat there again, when who should walk by but my old manager. It was insane. I tried to avoid him all night, only because I knew he wouldn’t remember me and didn’t want to put the kids through an awkward conversation with my old boss, but on my way out he was at the host desk and saw me and my face. HE THEN FOLLOWED ME AND THE KIDS TO THE PARKING LOT. It was soo creepy. I am standing in a dark parking lot with two kids and this creepy man is hollering at me. SO AWKWARD. I wanted to die.


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