Adventures in mom-dom: The home stretch

I’ve rounded the final corner of my time as full time mom/farmhand/chauffeur… etc and everything has gone to hell. I’m so tired and I don’t want to do any of the many things I want to have accomplished by the time they arrive home. Part of me fears I’ll be fired on the spot, the other knows that I’ll no likely be washed in waves of gratitude. However, the house is a flipping s*$# show right now and I’m still in my pajamas.

The 15 is home sick and I was going to go have some normalcy and head into Portland today. The Stones keep playing in my head : “you can’t always get what you want…” and I feel as if it’s God’s way of showing me that He is the orchestrator of my days. Trust, trust, trust and when that doesn’t work, try trusting again is the lesson I’ve learned through all of this.

My eye is swollen and itchy and I’m not sure why. The dogs chased the coyote all morning but it didn’t leave. We had to put the poor geese and chickens in the small pen and they aren’t adjusting as well as we all hoped. The geese now run frightened when you go into the pen and we only have 3. When the bosses left, there were 6 and 8 chickens of which we now only have 3 as well. The dogs have seemed to forgotten the training we went through recently and all the growling in the world doesn’t seem to break their awful door opening habit. The house is then full of flies which land on you and it just grosses me out. I have become rather adept with a fly swatter.

I made the brilliant decision to document their time away and the movie has come out very nicely. I’m pretty proud of it but then again, I’m somewhat embarrassed that I decided to make a movie for a man who’s livelihood is made doing just that. I joked with his daughter and brother in law about it and they both assured me that he’ll love it. I know his wife will absolutely LOVE it. She deals with the feelings of missing out on her kids’ lives so much I didn’t want her to deal with it while she was away celebrating such a significant accomplishment. [20 years of marriage is great in anyone’s book.]

I’m sure this week will undoubtedly have its ups and downs and I’ll fill you in later!

to be continued…


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