Adventures in Mom-dom: OMSI

If you live in the great state of Oregon then you are most likely aware of the wonderful Oregon Musuem of Science and Industry, commonly known as OMSI.

It is God’s gift to parents and caregivers.

There are so many things to pull, push, build, destroy, watch, manipulate and learn it is FANTASTIC.  It truly makes my day when I get to go to OMSI. On Friday, we were taking the 15 up to the train for her maiden voyage to see her brother; this caused quite a bit of heartburn from mom and dad, but she did a great job. So since we were in Portland, the 11 and a friend and I  decided to go to OMSI.

Taking two 11 year olds to OMSI doesn’t seem like it’d be that tiring but I was exhausted at the end of the day. There were two happenings that made my day. My favorite moment happened when we entered the chemistry lab after playing in the turbine room with lots of levers and things to pull. The 11’s friend walked in, made a sweep of the room and saw a large silver handle hanging down from the ceiling in the corner. Thinking that it was another attraction, he reached up and proceeded to start the emergency shower rinse. 3 gallons of water gushed onto the floor as OMSI employees raced over and shut off the water valve, looking at the poor kid like he was an alien. To his credit, the shower lever was not clearly marked. We promptly left the chem lab. 5 minutes later I heard a mop bucket rolling across the floor as the reinforcement mop was being brought in to continue the clean-up. I was still laughing.

The second moment that made me laugh out loud came during our show at the IMAX theater. We were watching the movie Adrenaline Rush and one of the scientists in the movie was named Nick Anus. Now, as embarrassed as I was to be sitting with the kids who lost it at the mention of the scientist’s name, I was 11 once too and I probably would have lost it at their age too. Boys are so fun.

I’m rounding the corner to my finally days here as mom and I have to admit, I’m looking forward to getting my day job back. I’ve needed a beer on so many of these nights and it’s hard to be chained to the house. I’m sorry if I haven’t seen or talked to you recently. I’ll be done soon. I’ve also noticed that the 11 especially is picking up on my lingo. He now says, rather frequently, “Crappy Crapperson” “Epic Failure” “Criminny” “dur dah dur” “it’s go time” and much more. I had to laugh.

To be continued


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