Adventures in mom-dom : “I need everyone to stop being dumb”

Well it was up at 6:30 as usual today to get everyone off to school and all I can say is


However, this weekend is chock full of homecoming festivities for the 15-year-old and a soccer tournament for the 11-year-old, needless to say, it will not be a restful weekend. Who plans a major area soccer tournament the weekend of most high school’s homecomings? I need everyone to stop being dumb.

This week has been full of its ups and downs as well. On Tuesday, the 15 and I BOTH dented the van within an hour of each other and it’s going to be a pretty $700 to fix. I need everyone to stop being dumb.

The 11 has told me he “hates me” 5 times this week, 4 of them occurring when I made him practice piano. When I told him that he could talk to his parents about quitting when they got home, he replied : “No. I don’t want to quit. I just don’t want to practice.” I need everyone to stop being dumb.

This morning while he was eating his breakfast, the 11 exclaimed : “One of the geese is on the back porch!” So I turned and headed to the garage to boot up to get the geese back in its pen when the 11 yells ever louder “There’s a fox!! NOOO… it’s a COYOTE!!!” I dash back to the door with the dogs going crazy as the geese heads closer to the house and the coyote is  closing in. I’m trying to decide to release the dogs or not, fearful that I might unleash a disaster of epic proportions. Thankfully, the coyote hears the dog and sees us finally after he is, I kid you not, 10 feet from the geese and 15 feet from the back door of the house. He turns and runs back towards the woods. I put on some boots and grab an old curtain rod from the garage as a weapon and head outside to herd the geese back to the pen and the stupid coyote is still there! His head pops over the hill and I yell at him and he takes off finally. I need everyone to stop being dumb.

Perhaps I am projecting a little too much? Perhaps I am the one who’s dumb to believe that this 3 week ordeal would go off much easier than currently is? Perhaps this is the reason I need everyone to stop being dumb?…

To be continued…


One thought on “Adventures in mom-dom : “I need everyone to stop being dumb”

  1. this is the moment you stand back and understand that certin look your mother gave you when you were young…keep blogging, this one was great. The mental pic of you a goose, cyote and a curtin rod..

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