Adventures of Mom-dom

For my job, which is constantly changing, I have been super-woman for the last week as my boss and her husband are in Europe for 3 weeks for their 2oth anniversary. Current titles I’m  holding: chef, chauffeur, homework police, farmhand, personal shopper, laundry goddess, and general ringleader. I have learned that being a mom is..


On Thursday morning before I left to head to Seattle for my brother’s wedding, I awoke at 6:30 to get the kids ready to catch the bus at 7:10. It was picture day for the eleven year old whose hair which sat so nicely the night before after getting cut is sticking straight up in the front. Fantastic. Attempting to get him wrinkle free and clean and hurry the 15 year old girl up while playing hairstylist, parents call from EUROPE. Oh man. We have 10 minutes to talk to mom and dad and get everyone out the door. 15 year old doesn’t want to come down to talk because she is doing hair which also just got cut and doesn’t want to cooperate. Make bargain of ride to school if will come down to convince parents that she is alive and intact.We finish up talking to parents in time to send the 11 to the bus. 15 year old heads upstairs to finish prep for school. I head outside to feed the animals. After feeding the horse and the rabbit, the 3 dogs and cat, I head towards the chickens, geese and goats only to see to my horror, chicken feathers EVERYWHERE. I walk towards the clump of them and the wiener dog is feasting on dead chicken. GROSS. I scream at the dog and growl like our dog trainer told me to and she looks up with feathers hanging out of her mouth and proceeds to dive back in. I come at her and grab her and corral her and the other dogs inside. If I bury the chicken, the dogs will dig them up and eat them. SO, I go and grab their 4×4 golf cart thing, the ranger, and head out with a shovel to collect what is left of the chicken and drive it deep into the woods of their 13 acres. On my way down with the ranger I discover, ANOTHER DEAD CHICKEN. I scoop this one with the shovel and put it too in the back of the ranger and head off to leave it for the coyotes to finish. On my way into the woods I have to cross a creek bed and promptly get the ranger STUCK. I try sticks, rocks and pushing to try and free the ranger.  I sit in the cab wondering how in the world I am to unstuck the ranger when I look over to see that I have failed to switch on the 4 wheel drive. Here I was, sitting in the woods, in a 4×4 vehicle which I have failed to utilize properly, in my pajamas with 2 dead chickens gazing at me with wide open rigor eyes and it is 7:30 am.

I have a good friend whose motto for her life has been “Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life.” It has always cracked me up at the moments that motto has come back to me. It seems to ride in waves of grace and hilarity at the moments the Lord uses to mold me into who He wants us to be. As I recounted this story to my mother, she told me that the Lord is gracious and gives us babies that only need sleep, food and diaper changes; instead of teenagers and pre-teens who seem hell bent on pushing your last nerve.

To be continued……


2 thoughts on “Adventures of Mom-dom

  1. hahaha, this is an awsome post. My days are filled with the same chaos and it is never ending. seriously my most favorite post of your yet!

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