Make just one someone happy

The lovely pink cherry blossoms

The lovely pink cherry blossoms

sooooo excited. I love spring. Jeans, t-shirt and flip flop weather is my favorite. Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed at the state of my life and so the solution to my problem? Find one thing everyday that makes me happy. Today? It was playing with my “niece” Jayelle. Here’s a picture of her on Easter, she’s getting so big!



I went to her house after her mom and my good friend Emily, had put her to bed. Em said I could go in and say good night and then since she was still awake, she let her get up. We read books and played while watching the Blazers’ heartbreaking lose in Houston. I love that little girl.
In other news, I uploaded a bunch of pictures to flickr of my recent trip to San Diego and Disneyland. I went down with my other family, The Charles family, to see their son, Chris, arrive home from his tour in Iraq. It was an amazing experience getting to stand on the runway as the plane came in and to wave the flags to thank our brave soldiers home from Iraq. We spent a few days in San Diego at the beach, old town and Seaworld. It was AWESOME. After that, Ang, Deb and I put Dan and Curtis on a plane and left Chris in San Diego to head up for girls’ week at Disneyland! It was so much fun to be there with my other moms, Linda and Debbie, and my best friends Ang and Moni. I LOVED Disneyland. I didn’t have a great experience when I first went at 14 but that’s because Space Mountain and Splash Mountain were closed and I didn’t even see Mickey or Minnie. This time? I rode Space mountain 5 times and Splash Mountain once. We rode the roller-coaster in California Adventure about 7 times. It was sooo much fun!

The girls do Disneyland

The girls do Disneyland

Since then, I’ve started working exclusively for one of the families I’ve been nannying for as a personal assistant. It’s been great to have a change in pace and I LOVE the family. They are amazing. I hope to be there for a while. 
I  was in Seattle last weekend for a bridal shower of my friend from high school, Christiana, who is getting married June 12. It was a mini-reunion and it was so great to see friends from high school!

LHS 2002

LHS 2002

Final update. I succumbed. I’m on TWITTER! I know… terrible. If you have Twitter, feel free to add me! I’m geerachel on there as well! 

I think that’s all for now! Make sure you root for the Blazers and we’ll see you again soon!


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