The Grotto

Me in my favorite place

Me in my favorite place

This is a picture of the meditation chapel at a wonderous place known to Portlandia as The Grotto. It is 62 acres in the middle of the urban sprawl of Portland dedication to meditation and prayer. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I love going here when I’m happy or sad or thoughtful or excited or anytime. It is just an amazing place to slow down and hear your heart beat and to listen to that still small voice inside. My friend Kelsie told me about The Grotto 7 years ago now and I’ve been going ever since. If you ever get the chance to go to The Grotto while in Portland, don’t miss it. Pay the 3.50 to ride the elevator to the top and walk around the grounds.  There is something about walking through all those trees and seeing the beautiful grounds that brings all of the thoughts and worries of life under the magical spell of God’s creation. To be cliched, it’s like a priorities reboot and every once in awhile you need that.


2 thoughts on “The Grotto

  1. We went to the opera in portland last night. I cant say I love any city more. Portland is such a beautiful city. we hit a french resteraunt on the way that was fantastic. Glad you have a spot too! next time Im in portland hanging out I’ll try to get a hold of you? meet at the zoo?

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