What now?

I thought I’d do a post regarding my ever changing future plans since many of you may not have heard about my latest developments.

I was laid off on January 15, 2009 from Mercy Corps.

It was a total answer to prayer.

I have wanted to work for Mercy Corps since discovering them a little over six years ago. They are still a great organization even though they laid me off.
My job at Mercy Corps was a tough, demoralizing job whereby I stood on a street corner every day, like a beggar, asking  people to sign up to donate monthly to Mercy Corps. Some days I was very good at it, but most days turned into a theological battle.  I fought with God; wondering how He could have misunderstood my prayers to work at Mercy Corps, interjecting my conversation with Him by asking each passerby “Do you have a moment for Mercy Corps?”
I heard story after story of people who had started where I had and moved up to doing the things I’d like to do.  So I tried to remain faithful. Day after day I’d pray for a sign as to what I was supposed to do with a job I hated, especially the day my boss came to me while working and said he’d have to fire me before Christmas if I didn’t start bringing in some money. I said, “I understand. I’d give me the same talk too if I were in your position.” Walked into the bathroom to clear my head and shot up a hail Mary, “God. If you want me to keep this job, I’m going to need a sign.” I walked back outside, hadn’t gotten my dumb bag unpacked when a man walked up to me and said, “You work for Mercy Corps? I’ve been meaning to sign up for monthly giving with them.”

Ok, God, I’m listening.

My boss walked back outside and saw my signing up the guy. He then interpreted this as threatening Rachel= Results. We’d have this talk a few more times before we all got laid off. So, I stuck it out. Wondering daily how I was supposed to do this job that I hated but felt as if this was my Isaac that I was asked to sacrifice.
I am someone who is very passionate about what I do and so to be asked to be in a place where I felt anything but passion towards my job was very difficult. I’m grateful I stuck it out and didn’t quit [ I can collect unemployment because of being laid off] and it really is an answer to prayer to be back to a place where I’m wide open to future possibilities and thinking critically about where I want to go. So that’s what I’ mdoing, I’m looking at possibly going back to school [ economic crisis= tuition rates lowered] or leaving the country again till this thing settles down. 

So, I’m nannying again and grateful more than ever for the generosity and love of John and Barb Marquez.  I put some pictures of my trip to Seattle up on Flickr! Check out my pictures!


2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. You’re amazing and I love you and I miss you every day. It’s incredible how you can keep me accountable through a blog and remind me to let God handle it. I needed this. Rach, you have GOT to become a pastor – you are so inspiring and such a great example of how to live your life through the word. Please come back to me!

  2. Hi Rachel! I just stumbled across your blog and plan on reading every post so I can get caught up on what you’ve been up to since you started this thing last May. From this one post I can already tell you are still as admirable as ever.

    Sarah Griz

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