As of late, update

Well hello all! I apologize for not writing in quite some time! Much like the unpredictable fall weather, it has been an up and down, highs and lows type of month. For the basic framework, upon returning from Wyoming, and settling back into life in the Northwest, I began nannying again for my old agency. I worked some weeks more than 40 hours a week, while applying to full time positions.
Two weeks into my search while visiting my lovely grandparents in Bend, OR I got a call from Mercy Corps, which is my dream organization to work for. Implementing innovative strategies in the global food crisis, ending the cycles of poverty in communities across the globe, Mercy Corps is an amazing organization that is head-quartered here in Portland. If you currently give to any charities, I encourage you to check them out on Charity Navigator. It’s a website that lists each charity’s operating budgets as well as their CEO’s salaries so you can see where each the funds you donate get allocated. [Mercy Corps has a 4 star rating.]
After an initial phone interview I was asked to an in-person interview and then offered a position! So as for employment I’m now working at Mercy Corps as a Donation Recruitment Representative. I’m still nannying on the side in the hopes of saving up for future travels and further education.
I’m also moon-lighting as a wedding coordinator for my dear friend Jessica who is getting married January 3rd. My skill set now includes: boutonniere and bouquet making, confetti design and creation, cake decorating,  all around wedding “gopher” and much more! I am enjoying it and can’t wait for her wedding. 

Jessica and Seth January 3, 2009

Jessica and Seth January 3, 2009

In addition to all these activities, I’m training for the Nike Women’s Marathon, which is coming up faster than I’d like, in San Francisco, CA. It’s an amazing race I got to take part in last year with Team In Training, and now this year, I’m running it. I’m only attempting the 1/2 as my summer in the DR did not allow adequate time to train for a full. I am planning on running the PF Chang’s Arizona Rock and Roll marathon in January with my running buddy from Vegas, Leslie, aka Hot Stuff.

Leslie and I running the LA marathon 3-2-2008

Leslie and I running the LA marathon 3-2-2008

 I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Seattle last weekend as well to hang out with my good friends Angela and Monika while Angela’s room-mate Amanda was off galavanting through Eastern Europe.  We spent a lovely Sunday together and hiked down Snoqualamie falls in flip-flops with our huge purses. It was pretty funny.

12 years of Friendship

12 years of Friendship

Snoqualamie Falls

Snoqualamie Falls

So there’s a quick update on where things are. Thank you for prayers and support!


2 thoughts on “As of late, update

  1. love the pics of everyone! Now that your cordinating a wedding does that mean you have a super secreat belt with everything you need just in case somthing goes wrong in the wedding? Greg wants to know if you a phone soliciter now and if so why do you call at dinner time? haha ttfn

  2. Hey Girl,
    About time you update, I have been checking out your site and thought maybe you were ready for winter and hibernated with the bears!!!!!!! I love ya, Debs

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