Marvelous Martes

So we got the lucky chance to have myself and my two friends I work with (Meredith and Jessica) to get off for a whole day so that we could go to one of the DR’s treasures, 27 waterfalls or Damajagua in espanol.

We took what are the equivalent of Dominican buses called guaguas (guhwah guhwah) which are 15 passenger vans that they try and pack at least 15-20 people in. We rode one to La Vega and then into Santiago, which is the 2nd largest city in the DR, where we got out at another guagua station and immediately caused an uproar because everyone was trying to fill their buses and we were prime passengers because we were American.


Once we got off our second guagua outside of Santiago, we tried to catch a ride with anyone who picked us up and of all things, a tiny Dominican ice cream truck pulled over so we piled in the back and after a few stops, one where Jessica bought a coconut, and two where we helped sell ice cream. We arrived at 27 waterfalls.

We then got situated with our lifejackets and helmets and met our guide, Pablo, and set off to conquer 27 waterfalls. To describe it, it’s basically like a really large naturally occuring waterpark complete with slides, wade pools and 30 foot jumps. It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I got to go.

After we got done with the waterfalls and fun, we changed and headed back to the road to find a way back to the guagua stop. A bunch of cars went by and we took a taxi to the next little town to where we hoped to catch a ride. On a whim I threw my arm in the air as I heard a semi approaching and they pulled over! The cab door opened and a small man gestured us to get in. We thought we’d like to ride in the back but no, the three of us piled in with the driver and his co-worker. It was a tiny cab and I ended up sitting on a 120 lb. man’s lap. It was quite a ride!


We then made it in to Santiago and were excited because a TGI Friday’s had just opened up there and we decided to review it. So we had dinner at TGI Friday’s and it was AWESOME! Then we took a taxi ride home and were EXHAUSTED but happy and full!


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