Yo soy Americano

I love the consistency of the weather here. Mornings are typically sunny and hot, afternoons get real humid and then it rains and evenings are cool. It’s delightful really and after the hellish summer weather I endured in Las Vegas, it’s a nice change! I’m lucky to be off for a few days this week and boy did I need it. I spent a little time pampering on my time off including the best $6 pedicure ever and dying my hair!

We have been busy lately with many different activites including a trip to the Capital, Santo Domingo! It was an awesome city, bustling with activity and home to a few American conveniences as well. We spent the beginning of the day in the Colonial District which is home to some of the fortresses dating back to the 15th century! We didn’t tour it but Columbus’ son had a house there and I would love to see it. Apparently one of the streets we walked down, called Calle de Las Damas was the street that Columbus’ wife walked down each day. She was so beautiful that it became a daily event as people would line the streets just to see her walk by. It’s an awesome feeling to walk in places that have such historical significance. We ate Pizza for lunch which was a nice treat and spent the afternoon shopping in the touristy section of town. Then we headed to Carrefour which is like the DR equivalent of Walmart. It was nice to see familiar products and foods. Then we headed back to Jarrabacoa, a 2.5 hour drive, and then hiked back into Boma. It’s funny, We are fairly consistent in our patterns and it feels like the locals are getting wind of it because each time we arrive back at the drop off point, the number of men sitting watching and waiting grows. I swear the store owners of the little store where we get picked up and dropped off are saying, “hey, if you come back tonight about 6ish, they’ll be a van full of American girls who will arrive, they’ll get out, change their shoes and then walk down the road.” It makes me laugh that we are so interesting to them. Here are some pictures from Santo Domingo:

In other activies, we’re just 10 days away from the beginning of Pico, which is the highest Mountain east of the Mississippi that we will be climbing. We’ve been trying to train to get ready for it, but I’ve heard it’s hard no matter how good of shape you’re in. Black Tuesday is affectionately known as the day we will hike uphill for 8 hours. I’m pretty stoked and a little nervous that I may in fact be walking towards my death. Training has been everything from hiking straight uphill numerous times, to running, to exercises and long walks. The girls have it built into their day but staff has to make time for it on their own. 

In other news, I’ve been learning more how to drive the Concho, which we’ve dubbed Eugene, and Jessica actually took her life in her hands and rode with me today! I think it’s a good sign that she agreed to jump on the back! I must be getting safer!

I’m sorry I haven’t been exactly giving full disclosure in terms of what I’ve been doing down here but part of my job, the girls and some of their activities, I’m not allowed to discuss due to privacy issues.


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