Eating lightning bugs

I’ve always thought people who die in strange, sudden and freak ways to be those I find rather interesting. What was going through their heads as that car came plowing into them? or when the plane went down? You often wonder that their last thought might not have been anything significant but rather a shopping or to do list, an embarrassing moment relived or the even more serene thought of simply being exactly in the moment thinking that they’d be granted another moment and yet they weren’t.

 I tried my hand at driving a scooter again tonight. I buzzed along through an onslaught of lighting bugs and mosquitos, thinking about the laundry I had to do and the emails I needed to send etc… at school. As I prepared to make the scary left turn onto the school’s driveway, I noticed a light behind me in the distance and slowed to make the turn and the car coming out of the driveway instead became my focus. Looking briefly back at my blind spot I didn’t see the concho bearing down on me and proceeded to make my turn. In what I consider to be an enormous grace gift, I somehow managed to not hit the car turning out of the school driveway and the concho managed to somehow not hit me. My heart stopped and the wind whipped across my face causing the only damage in what should have been a catastrophe. I am so thankful that moment sitting on the road thinking about my laundry wasn’t my last.

This week was long and tough as I am getting more accustomed to working here but not yet familiar entirely with my role. It’s hard to think the worst of people but these kids unfortunately can not handle trust and manipulate any chance they get. I love them all dearly and want nothing more than to see them succeed. Here a few more pictures of late!


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