What a week! I’m exhausted and it’s only Thursday! Thankfully I’ve got a two day off so I’m in town and able to update you all on what’s been going on!

We moved out to our tiny village [Boma pronounced bow-mah] on Monday during a rain storm and the road is anything but smooth. We actually cross a river and 4 wheel drive, or quattro por quattro is necessary to get through. The girls and myself had to do a weee bit of adjusting as 1. There is no running water thus requiring bucket showers or river bathing 2. The electricity comes and goes 3. No one speaks English. I am in charge of dinners every night and making sure the girls eat properly, planning menus and helping with Spanish translation. I hope you laugh at the last bit because I do not in fact know Spanish. As I was trying to communicate with Enrique, the greatest man with no teeth I’ve ever met, he spoke a bunch of Spanish at me and then proceeded to yell, “No Entiendo NADA!” which I later learned means “you understand nothing!” I’ve gotten a good chuckle out of Enrique, who was appalled that since the majority of our food, including all the bread and meat, didn’t make it out to Boma due to the rain, we were simply having “soupa” or Top Ramen for those gringos like myself, for dinner. He said, “no no no! soulamenta soupa! yo necessito salami y yucca!” (You can’t have only soup!) so he fried up some salami and yucca which is like a potato for all the girls to go with the soupa. Enrique was a good sport and tried it but he didn’t particularly care for our gringo soupa.

We get the privilege of hiking Pico Duarte this summer, which is a mountain about 10,000+ feet that is apparently the biggest mountain East of the Mississipi. However, I’ve been warned it’s a steep strenuous hike and so Jessica and I have been taking off during the day to find steep hills to climb to prepare for Pico. On one of these excursions, I made it to the top and turned around only to find the most perfect hole to roll your ankle in. I went down like a sack of potatoes with a big crunch from my ankle and prayed it wasn’t a bad sprain. I unfortunately was over a mile from the house and on the top of a steep hill and had no choice but to get myself down. It was a slow process and it is still swollen but thankfully I brought a brace down. In other injury news, the burn on my leg has blistered including one LARGE BULBOUS PUSTULE, which the girls were adamant that I pop and did accidentally when I attempted to “good game” one of the them. I’ve been trying to make sure it stays clean so it won’t get infected but it’s hard given the fact that the water contains parasites. C’est la vie!

It has been amazing lately seeing more of the country and learning more about it’s people, language and food. We are lucky to have a Dominican woman who cooks our breakfast and lunch for us and she seems to get better and better with each meal. I’m picking up more Spanish but am hoping I’ll be at least conversational by the end of the summer! Here are a few pictures of recent things!


3 thoughts on “BOW-MAH

  1. Ha, ha! I bet it is more than a “wee bit of adjusting” that you and your girls are doing. We call those kind of showers, “local showers” here. The “gringo” here are called “men wais” and if you want to “men wais” the shower you can add a “wee bit” of boiling water to the bucket to take the chill off!
    You go girl!
    Keep the pus cleaned off and the ankle wrapped up.
    Love you! Mom
    PS. Help me out, put your blogs in categories. At my archaic internet speeds I might be a grandma by the time the “uncategorized” ones load.

  2. Hola Raquel:

    Como esta? Did you get my email on your gmail account or does that not work for you there?

    Your river does not look too clean! We have clean-looking rivers here which can get you in big trouble if you don’t understand that they are not.

    Have your kids been briefed about the conditions before they arrive? I could imagine some being a bit upset. It sounds like a perfect way to reset one’s priorities.

    Barry comes in tomorrow night for our last MSI class as residents. We are packing things up and selling and giving away. I am not looking forward to being homeless for 3 months. If I could afford the gas, I would buy a camper and turn it into an office. I bet they are cheap with $4 gasoline! We are $5.66 for gas and $6.30 for diesel. Ouch!

    Well take care and watch those holes. God can speak even if you are looking down.



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