Motorcycle diaries

Jessica wanted to test out her new concho to see if it would hold both of us going uphill so we took off and found the steepest gravel hill we could find. Halfway up when the engine had idled down to where we need to get some more power Jessica asked if she was in first and I said I don’t think so. She tried to downshift and we proceeded to roll backwards as we were indeed already in first. We fell over. I thankfully didn’t go all the way down but managed to jump off before Jessica and Eugene became parallel to the ground. A little bruised we went back down the hill because we had to go to work and not wanting to die on a gravel hill I suggested I walk back to the bottom. Upon arrival Jessica said ok, let’s go. I asked her if she was ready for me to get on the back of the concho and she’ll tell you that she was not ready and everything inside her said to say no but when I asked if she was ready, she said, “yes.” I hopped on but she was not ready and I fell off but not before severly burning my leg on the exhaust pipe and lodging some gravel in my elbow. Jessica managed to just go down gracefully with the bike but it was I who suffered the worst of the injuries. Apparently I learned after I showed some people my burn that it is customary for all new staff to get atleast one bad motorcycle burn upon arrival, however, since mine is blistering and quite large, I’ve told that I’ve got a good one. It’s nice to know even with injuries I still live by my motto: Go big, or go home.


3 thoughts on “Motorcycle diaries

  1. Ouch!! That burn looks ugly. Take care of it.

    It all looks so beautiful there. . . . . and warm.

    I love reading your blogs. . . . . keep them coming.

    Love you.

  2. Oh how I miss my Rachel! Please come back to me! I hope you are enjoying your time in the DR…Lost Wages isn’t the same without you. Love you!

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