Sticky all the time

I LOVE THE DR! So far it has been AWESOME! I’m adjusting to being sticky all the time but after a year in Lost Wages it feels nice! It has been overwhelming the last few days and I’m exhausted with all the training I’ve had to wrap my head around. It’s also been an adjustment to get used to the amazing amount and variety of bugs here. Including what I now know to be “banana spiders” that are the size of tea cup saucers. Jessica casually warned me about a spider around the corner as I passed her on the way to the room we’re sharing but she didn’t warn me about the SPUH-HI-DUR around the corner. I’m really not scared of them but one that big, definately made me jump. I also learned how to ride a “concho” and a “pesola” the equivalent of scooters in the US. It was pretty interesting and the first time I reved it up too high and went shooting off the driveway into the lawn. The Andersons got a good chuckle out of that and when daddy got home at 5 pm three year old Lucy met him at the door to tell him that, “daddy! daddy! wachel was riding and she CRASH over der in dah gas!” It was pretty hilarious.

We got the rare chance to hop a van to beach with one of the houses here on campus and we had an amazing day at Cabarete on the North Coast of the DR. It was a gorgeous day and the wind picked up and it is a kite surfing hot spot in the DR so we got to see a lot of them. I actually almost got killed because I was swimming out a ways practicing “open water swimming” because I want to do a triathlon next year, and a kite surfer came so close and saw me luckily at the last second and whipped off in the other direction but not after scaring the both of us and splashing me. Here are some pictures from Cabarete, it looks like a Corona commercial. The first picture is my attempt at a corona commerical! The lady in the pink shirt is the “fruit lady” she walks the beach all day selling fresh fruit and she was so pretty in her pink shirt against the blue of the ocean. That was our little camp for the day under the umbrellas, the locals make money by buying chairs and charging foreigners. We paid a$1.50 US for 8 hours of leisure… quite the bargain!

Today we drove out to the village where we’re going to be living this summer and I am stoked out of my mind. It’s a tiny, tiny little village set up in the mountains on a river. It’s BEAUTIFUL! It is going to be rustic with a capital R. We have an outhouse and will be bathing in the river. We have a cook who’ll be cooking us Domincan Cuisine for breakfast and lunch every day and from what I’ve eaten so far, I really enjoy it. We had “mungo” (mun-goo which is crushed bananas, eggs, onions, salami and fried cheese) today and it’s not very appetizing sounding but it’s delicious! I didn’t get many pictures of Boma today but I know I’ll get betters ones when we’re living out there! Anyway here are a few and I’m getting up REAL early tomorrow for training so I’ll write more later!


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