Stamps in my passport

After a whirlwind four days in Portland of wedding planning (Jessica is getting married January 3, 2009), packing and visiting with a few friends, 8:30 pm Thursday May 15th arrived faster than I anticipated. We crammed everything in our bags, which we later learned were 5 and 6 pounds respectively over the limit, and jumped our first flight to Newark. We arrived in the Newark airport after our red eye from Portland jonesin’ for some coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts hit the spot. Our gate got moved because we later learned that the plane we were supposed to fly out on, which we coincidentally had just flown 6 hours on, had a weak spot in the floor. We gratefully switched gates and boarded a Boeing 767 (I like planes that are built in Seattle) that was crammed to the gills full of Dominicans who don’t understand seat assignments and hate flying. My favorite was the LARGE bottle of whiskey that some how managed to get on the plane that the three gentlemen in the row in front of us downed during take off, turbulence and landing. It was funny to see grown men hiding their heads under a blanket. We landed safely in the DR and I doubt that I’ve ever known terror like standing at the baggage carousel in the Santiago airport and watching the majority of my flight retrieve their bags while mine is still MIA. I held a count of the number of bags we had, 0, and the number of bags we were looking for, 4, on my hands for probably 45 mins, while Jess and I watched a cardboard box with “fragile” stickers on it go by that looked like it had been through a war. I smiled as I realized, “we’re not in America anymore.” 


3 thoughts on “Stamps in my passport

  1. Oh Rachel, I miss you already!! Have fun whipping those rebellious kids into shape. Can’t wait to hear about all of the adventures that I am sure you will find yourself in!

  2. lisa: hi rachie! ya, i can relate with international travel, and had pretty much the same experience! my bag was the second to last to come off the plane… haha not to mention the two hours (it felt like) it took to board because of the micronesians not being in the right seat… haha so i can relate! but i’m not going anywhere at the moment. the idiot pilot of the fisheries plane managed to drive it off the end of the island the runway is on. so now they have to figure out how to get it back on the runway so they can get it out and get other planes back in… haha gotta love 3rd world country! 🙂 u’ll have loads more stories i’m sure. i’ll be sure to bookmark this site… 🙂 me n the kids will read it together… 🙂

    dad: how much of the whiskey did u drink?? have the little darlings arrived yet?

    mom will be charming and witty in the morning after her Rick Porter sent Starbucks coffee… 🙂

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